‘Everybody counts or nobody counts!’

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Our headline is the motto of an American police department murder squad. What it means is that a homeless person, a prostitute, a drug dealer, a person of another race, or whoever you think is the lowest of the low is still entitled to justice. It means their murder should get the same attention and effort as the murder of someone who is wealthy or a prominent citizen of the city.

You may think that was common sense and automatically applies to any police department. But in many big cities there are a lot of murders, and the temptation is to put less time and effort into the investigation of the murder of a person of low social standing or a criminal.

I have no idea how well that police murder squad lives up to its motto, or who came up with it, but it seems to be the ideal approach: everybody deserves to be treated equally.

But where would you look to find that principle applied perfectly? However hard we humans try it is difficult to treat everybody as an equal, especially when we are feeling under pressure or busy. And on a more corporate level, over the last couple of years, the BBC (and other organisations) has had a lot of bad publicity about its male presenters being paid more, in some cases significantly more, than its female presenters.

But we may not be as consciously aware of another equality gap which can affect us all. Don’t we have an automictic tendency to be more polite and pleasant to a person who is well-dressed and well-groomed? Do we treat a homeless person who smells and is scruffy with the same respect? It’s so easy to judge by appearances because we are human, and we do it almost unconsciously.

So maybe we have to look beyond humanity to find a real example of how to treat others equally? What a strange statement, what does it mean? Well, despite the fact that many try to ignore the reality that God exists, He does.

What is more, God loves every human being equally, whatever their status in the eyes of society, which includes you and me! God’s equality is not changed by your wealth, status, worldly goods or your position in society. God values you as you are right now!

God wants a relationship with you, whether you are rich or poor, old or young, black or white, successful or a failure. In God’s eyes we are all of equal value. (Although there are some people and even churches that would argue with this simple truth.)

You see, God created human beings to have a relationship with. A relationship that transcends time and space and will last long beyond our short physical lifetimes. Just think about what that means. The creator of the entire universe knows you, cares about you and wants you to have eternal life in relationship with him.

Simply put, in God’s eyes you count! That’s exciting! So how can you start this relationship? Simply ask God to reveal himself to you in prayer. Every journey begins with a single step, why not take that step now?

By Keith Hartrick.

[Keith is a retired Managing Director and the church leader of our Leeds congregation, Grace Communion International. He is editor of Richard’s blogs.]

[Photo by Søren Astrup Jørgensen on Unsplash]


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