Poles apart

February 8, 2019 · Print This Article

This morning I almost choked on my toast when I read that the Magnetic North Pole is on the move. It’s been in the Canadian Arctic for 400 years, but now it’s heading towards Russia. Not only that, but it’s picking up speed, accelerating from 10km a year 30 years ago to as fast as 60km a year today.

Apparently this is all perfectly normal but I find it deeply disturbing. Not even North is true! Nothing for it but to add this to a growing list of life’s disappointments.

Over the years, I have been variously let down, put out and left in the lurch. I have been stood up, cast down, my hopes dashed and my prospects ruined. But through all of these setbacks, one person has always been there for me: my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He never changes, never disappoints and is always true to his word.

When all else fails, he’s the one thing you can definitely count on. Put your trust in Jesus. Compared to everyone and everything else, he’s poles apart.

All the very best


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