News: Good or Bad?

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The name Rolf Dobelli may not be known to you. But the Swiss author and businessman writes some interesting reports. A recent one highlighted 15 ways that news can be bad for us! So today, let’s share just 5 of these 15 reasons which I am sure will make the value of a news detox clear for us all.

News misleads us systematically. Simply put we are prone to pay attention to the most visible and sensational pieces of information. This is the case even if that information is misleading or incorrect. The news industry knows this and exploits it.

News is irrelevant. Of all the news you have read in your life how much of it can you recall? The news we receive is often touted as essential. But more often than not it will have no consequence in our lives.

News limits understanding. The news may present facts and insist these facts are crucial. But knowing the facts is not as important as understanding the threads that connect them. The news glosses over the deeper connections that bind the world together.

News is toxic to your body. News literally makes us sick. Negative news triggers our limbic system. The stress hormone cortisol is released which leaves us constantly stressed and impairs our immune system.

News makes us passive. What do most news stories have in common? They are mostly about things we can’t influence. That makes us passive, saps our energy and leads us on a path to pessimism.

If you agree with these ideas, you may ask, what’s the antidote? Well, news is addictive so if you give it up for a few days you need to replace it with something that can feel the void.

One idea is to fill the void with good news, but with a difference. I find my good news from reading a different kind of news source. It might sound strange, but I go to the Bible! In fact, if you read the Bible for the same time you would spend reading the papers or watching the news, you may be pleasantly surprised. Try it for just seven days. I recommend starting with the Gospels in the New Testament – good news, indeed.

Reading the Bible may seem strange at first but persevere for those seven days then ask yourself, am I feeling better? am I feeling more cheerful? am I enjoying life more?


Keith Hartrick.

[Keith is a retired Managing Director and the church leader of our Leeds congregation, Grace Communion International. He is editor of Richard’s blogs.]

[Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash]

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