Paying our Debt

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I don’t know if you have student debt, I do. Sometimes I wonder whether I will ever pay it off.

Debt has a gnawing quality. It eats away at our peace of mind. It is like background noise, always there, holding us hostage. It’s almost like debt can become the ransom price for our peace and freedom.

But can you imagine being handed a cheque for the exact amount for your debt? That’s exactly what happened to 400 graduating students at Morehouse College in Atlanta, US.

Billionaire investor and philanthropists, Robert Frederick Smith, was addressing the students at their graduation ceremony. With the words, “we’re going to put a little fuel in your bus. My family is making a grant to eliminate your student loans,”[1] the stunned graduates cheered! This grant amounted to about £31 million.

They cheered because they had been released from debt, from a kind of ransom on their lives and peace of mind. And with the average US student debt standing at $29,800, what a relief that would have been!

This kind of relief, freedom, and peace of mind can be experienced by us all but in a different way. It comes from the payment of a spiritual debt.

This spiritual debt isn’t seen or necessarily felt. But, in Christian thought, the consequences of this spiritual debt is seen in the physical death that comes to us all. Why do we die?  I’m sure there are many answers to that question, but one answer is found in the idea that humans have a spiritual debt problem. So what?!

One idea expressed in the Bible is that “the wages of sin is death…[2] Strange thought, you may say, because everybody dies a physical death. But the bible also tells us that, “all have sinned.” So is death our reward? Is this physical life all there is?

That kind of thinking happens when we get disconnected from our life source, the one who loves us, God. We all carry the debt of our sins!

But a payment for that debt has been made, on our behalf! This is where Jesus comes in. And this is why he said, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”[3]

How so? By dying in our place. By taking the consequence for sin. By paying the wages sin demanded. By paying the ransom price. That’s why he offers eternal life to all those who believe in him, a life beyond the physical!

If you feel this debt of sin in your life, turn to Jesus. Accept his sacrifice in your place and you will be free.



[2] The Bible, Romans 6:23

[3] The Bible, Mark 10:45

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