Grace, space and pace

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Many readers of this blog may not remember Jaguar’s famous advertising line in the 1950s and 60s. Grace related to the design and style of the car, space indicated that they were roomy and comfortable inside, and pace indicated that they were a fast sports car. They certainly lived up to their advertising in those days, maybe they still do today.

But that advertising line also has a meaning for Christians although you may not immediately think so, especially if you have your doubts about God. So let’s have a look at those three words and their possible deeper meaning and perhaps challenge you to think about them, too.

Grace refers to God’s unconditional love. God’s love for you, for all humanity, is so great he sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for the sins of every individual human! That awesome truth is summed up in that word grace. It means what we receive is totally undeserved and unmerited. We can do nothing to earn it, it’s ours as a gift.

Space refers to the fact that God allows us not to believe in him. Contrary to what some may think, God is not in a race to reach and save every human being now! God will not force you or anyone to believe in him today. The Christian message is one that believes God provides a future opportunity for every human to know him one day, even after death!

Pace refers to the fact that God allows each individual to proceed at their own speed, whether a new Christian slowly setting out to follow God or one who is desperate to find out as much, as possible as quickly as possible. Some people are ready to jump in and change their way of life overnight, others take time to come to a fuller understanding of what being a Christian means.

Even people who have been Christians for many years go through seasons of faster and slower growth. So maybe it’s time to think about what grace, space and pace mean to you? Maybe nothing at this time or perhaps it starts a thought process which makes you wonder if you don’t need to know more? Just as you have a key to start a car, why not ask God to give you the key to understanding him and his word?

Keith Hartrick

Keith an editor at Because

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