In for the long haul

November 15, 2019 · Print This Article

I would have loved to be have been on the 19-hour, long-haul flight from London to Sydney that took place this week. It was a Qantas flight, the first of its type, and passengers were fitted with various monitors to track how their bodies fared.

Long-haul is an interesting phrase. It implies a sense of commitment, a spirit of endurance, a desire to stay on board to the end of something. Of course, the passengers had little option but to stay on board!

You could say that, when we have children, we’re in for the long haul. In other words, we’re with them through thick and thin come what may. The same idea also applies in marriage and in friendships.

Christians believe that Jesus is in for the long haul. His unfailing, unflinching love for us endures. He doesn’t give up on his love for us, come what may.

What about you in your caring love for others?

Are you in it for the long-haul?

James Henderson

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