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For people born in, or after, 1952 there has been one constant in our lives and that is our Queen. Whatever is happening in the UK or around the world the Queen has been a beacon of stability for us. In just three weeks, on February 6th, Her Majesty will have been on the throne for 68 years, setting an amazing example of service and representing the UK in all kinds of circumstances.

I once had the privilege of meeting the Queen and speaking to her. I was told where to stand, how to respond when she spoke to me and where to wait to be introduced to her. Unfortunately the person who was supposed to introduce us was overwhelmed by the occasion and the Queen and I were left staring at each other for a few seconds, though it felt longer. Thankfully, she has great experience in these matters and after a pause simply asked me a question to break the ice.

That was a proud moment in my life and I still treasure the photograph I have of that occasion.

Yet as famous as our Queen is, there is someone even more important. Someone the Queen has always respected and followed. In her Christmas broadcasts and sometimes in her speeches, she will often refer to her Christian faith and her belief in the Bible. In short, she has never made a secret of her conviction in the existence of a higher power.

I find it fascinating to reflect on the fact that the head of our Royal Family looks up to an even higher authority, an even more important Royal Family. In the Bible there are several references to Jesus as a King, even as the King of Kings! I found my meeting with the Queen to be quite humbling, so I can only imagine what it would be like to meet the King of Kings face to face!

Clearly the Queen thinks along similar lines. How else would you explain away the fact that a person who lives in palaces, is surrounded by servants who cater to her every whim, and is treated with great respect by world leaders, kneels down in prayer before another. No less than the King of Kings; the one who loves us all – great and small – so much so that he became one of us, bringing with him the gift of everlasting life.

Perhaps this goes a little way to explaining our Queen’s remarkable attitude of service for all these years.

There are many things I admire about my Queen, but her tremendous faith is a wonder to behold.

Keith Hartrick info@because.uk.com

Keith is an editor at Because


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