A good infection

February 12, 2020 · Print This Article

Looks like the old saying, “Coughs and sneezes spread diseases” is now true of the Coronavirus.

While all of the infection mechanisms are not yet known, medical professionals think it highly likely that it is spread through close contact, through droplets and through touching contaminated surfaces.

With 242 new deaths recorded on the date of posting, the death toll from the epidemic has easily overtaken that of the SARS outbreak of 2002-3. While that might seem alarming, to put it into context, annual deaths caused by another highly contagious virus – ordinary seasonal flu – are estimated to be as high as 646,000, according to US-based Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

I recently read about something else that is spreading fast – Christianity. Despite the  authorities’ attempt to stamp it out by murdering its founder 2,000 years ago, Christianity has grown to become the world’s largest religious group. And its numbers are still increasing, growing more quickly than the rate of population in the continents of Africa, Asia and Latin America.1

The distinguished writer C.S. Lewis said of the person who started it all, “He (Jesus) came to this world and became a man in order to spread around the world the kind of life he has — by what I call ‘good infection.’”2

To understand why Lewis called the spread of Christianity a ‘good infection’ maybe we should ask ourselves what happens to someone who ‘catches’ it. The Bible tells us that “Anyone who believes in Jesus will not die but will have eternal life.”3 It also tells us that, “When someone becomes a Christian, he becomes a brand new person inside. He is not the same anymore. A new life has begun!”4

Just like the Novel Coronavirus, Jesus is highly contagious, but there the similarity ends. With Jesus, there is nothing to fear; only good things can come to those who get the bug.

Peter Mill info@because.uk.com

1Source: Pew Research Centre https://www.pewresearch.org
2 C.S.Lewis, Mere Christianity
3 John 3:16 (NIRV)
4 2 Corinthians 5:17 (TLB)
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