Love banishes fear

February 21, 2020 · Print This Article

Fear can make us do terrible things.

I was filled with sadness this week when I read about how a bus containing evacuees from coronavirus-hit China was attacked in Ukraine. This was not a rational response, but as this crisis escalates the rational arguments are rapidly giving ground to emotional ones.

For many of us, our great fear is death itself. The end of life. Interestingly one of the hallmarks of the Christian faith for the last two thousand years has been its followers’ willingness to die for their faith. To give their lives for others no matter the cost.

At the root of this is the Christian belief that death is not the end. Through Jesus Christ, Christians believe that even in the darkest of circumstances there is always hope. Because of God’s love for us, there is life after death.

Love, not death, has the final word.
Gavin Henderson

Gavin is an editor at Because


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One Response to “Love banishes fear”

  1. Pamela Hynes on February 22nd, 2020 11:50 pm

    I believe in God the father of us all,even all Gods creatures, and I pray for all the Chinese people who must be infected with that awful virus that is killing so many I hope they have faith in Jesus Christ .

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