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Some have called it a ‘new dawn’, one writer even used the phrase a ‘born again world’. As we emerge from the great pause, a slow realisation is sweeping the world that things will never be the same again. But what does this born again Earth look like? Are things about to change for good?

Things really have changed, haven’t they? We now know our neighbours. Queuing is part of our daily experience (and us Brits do it so well). Our elderly can now Zoom where they have never zoomed before. We’ve discovered TikTok’s not some new sweet, rather a video-sharing platform that is feeding the nation with bitesize humour. I’ve even joined what seems to be the rest of the nation in getting on my bike.

But some think bigger changes are ahead for the Earth.

The born again phrase comes from a national newspaper published yesterday where the writer forecast that the world is on the verge of another Age of Revolution. A post-pandemic agenda that will address our problems of poverty and the environment, rekindling a “transformative vision of humankind working in concert to defeat common evils”. I like it, but will we get it?

Before the Covid-crisis, we had a steady stream of enviro-mania – David Attenborough even gave the Earth a countdown of 20 years and then times up. From Gretna at Davos to President Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord, such a focus on the environmental conditions of the Earth – and now the great pause – has meant a re-emergence of the idea of Earth as our nurturer which, in turn, needs to be nurtured. And the conditions of Earth suggested we really did need this pause and now a rebirth.

Thinking of Earth as living – mother-like – has become an implicit part of the environmental narrative and global collective consciousness. Mother Earth has been front and centre in our global and individual decision-making (I now really do reuse my supermarket bags). Many now believe that Earth is herself a living organism.

Ideas about a life-giving, mother-like earth are littered throughout the ages in literature. Even in the New Testament of the Bible we get a curious, enigmatic statement that has echoes of the born again prophecies of today’s news pundits that hint at a reborn Earth.

It describes a remarkable truism “that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time”.[1] So what comes next? According to the Christian worldview “the creation looks forward to the day when it will join God’s children in glorious freedom from death and decay”. This is a promise of a born again Earth that no longer fears pandemics or pollution but a better world full of better things, and no death.

The world will change post-pandemic. We will have to see how. But whatever the change, the Christian worldview offers the hope of a truly born again Earth. One that works for all, works for the environment and sustains all life in peace and harmony. A real change for good.

If you would like to find out more about this world, reach out at the following email – I’d be happy to share more thoughts.

Richard Fowler

Richard is editorial assistant at Because

[1] The Bible, Romans 8:22 (NIVUK)
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