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There is a programme on BBC1 called The Repair Shop. In it people take treasured family heirlooms to the experts for repair and renovation. Many of the items are old and of no great value, but priceless to the individuals because of what they mean to the family. It may be an old painting of a relative, a broken ornament, a toy which no longer works, a music box or a rocking horse. All come with a story about what they mean to the family today, how they got damaged or broken and the memories they hold of relatives, often grandparents.

The experts in the repair shop have all the skills and tools required as they lovingly restore whatever the object may be to the right condition. Sometimes a sympathetic repair which retains the history of the object, sometimes a complete renovation which ends up with the object looking like new again.

When the object is returned the joy and wonder on the faces of the people who have brought it in, sometimes even tears of emotion, make it all worthwhile both for the experts and for us viewers. It is a gentle, happy programme which is a pleasure to watch, no bad language, no nasty surprises. Just the enjoyment of the experts as they use their skills to restore the object and the happiness of the people who see their pride and joy restored.

Which got me wondering – wouldn’t it be good if we could have a repair shop for people? In one sense we have; if we are physically ill, the NHS is our repair shop. Again with experts and all the equipment necessary to restore us to health in most cases.

But what about our emotional and spiritual health, where do we find a repair shop for them? Emotional wounds are often very deep and invisible so we may carry them for years without people realising we have them. From divorce, bad parenting and money problems to being treated unfairly at home, at school or in the workplace – there are many causes of emotional wounds.

What about spiritual wounds? Here the answer is that we may suffer from them but just not know it. We may have feelings of frustration about our lives, a feeling of emptiness, despite doing well in a physical sense, or a sense of dissatisfaction which we can’t quite place the source of. A sense of restlessness, of something missing in our lives which we can’t identify. Maybe most of the time we are fine but occasionally nagging doubts surface that we can’t deal with so push into the background.

Emotional and spiritual wounds can’t be treated by the NHS. So where do we go to resolve them, to find peace? Well, it is a very unfashionable solution but there is a repair shop we can go to. It is not a place, it is a person. But you won’t go down this path until you realise you are you emotionally and spiritually damaged and understand that on your own, you can’t heal them. In that old book of wisdom, the bible, there is much you can read about spiritual and emotional healing but let’s look at just one quote. In a book called Psalms, number 147, verse 3, it says: “He heals the broken hearted and bandages their wounds”.

In another place it says, “by his wounds you have been healed.” So who is this person and how does he heal us spiritually and emotionally? If you would like to know the answer, email us at the address below and we will be happy to help.

Keith Hartrick info@because.uk.com

Keith is an editor at Because

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