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August 5, 2020 · Print This Article

For me the computer is a tool to be used, and a valuable one at that. But I don’t pretend that I really know about or understand how it works. In the same way, I love my car but the science behind the internal combustion engine remains a mystery to me. The fact is I can use both without having a detailed knowledge of how they work or the ability to repair them.

Search engines are something else I use a lot yet know little about. However recently a computer savvy friend made me aware that when I use a search engine to find a company selling something I need, or go to a site for information, a small file called a ’cookie’ is installed on my computer. This enables my use of the computer to be tracked so, for example, if I buy a book on climate change, I may subsequently be shown adverts for other books on the same or similar subjects.

My friend was adamant that I should delete my browsing history regularly to purge the cookies. His advice was that I should do so on a daily basis, as he does, but in reality I only manage once or twice a week.

This started a thought process which appealed to me. If I can delete my history on my computer, wouldn’t it be nice sometimes to be able to delete the history of my life. When we are young we don’t think much about what we do, we are too busy living life. But when we get older and look back, we remember times when we did things that embarrass us now. Situations where we did not listen, or through ignorance hurt and upset people, or focused on what we wanted even if that put someone else at a disadvantage.

Perhaps we’ve grown or changed or learned to get along with people better, so we look back with regret at some of the things we’ve done. How nice would it be if we could have our history wiped out and start again with a clean sheet?

But of course we can’t change a minute of yesterday, even though we can change every minute of today and tomorrow. The past hurts and the pain we have caused lives with us.

It’s a part of being human that we make mistakes and all of us do.  Suppose we use that old fashioned word ‘sin’ to describe the way we have treated people negatively in the past. In hurting people by our actions with our families, among friends who may not be friends today, in work situations or in any relationship with another person, you could say we have sinned against them. Even if we did not mean to, even if we did so in ignorance we carry a burden of guilt for those sins we committed.

What would it be worth to delete that bad history in our lives? Well I believe there is a way because it is written in that ancient book of wisdom, the Bible  that He (God) “has removed our sins as far away from us as the east is from the west”.

Now that may seem a strange statement to you but as you look back on your life and you see the things you have done that you are uncomfortable with now, ask yourself what it would mean to have the guilt from the wrong actions of your past simply wiped away?

Making all your mistakes history – is it just that simple? The answer is both Yes and No, but we are here to help you understand why that is so. Please feel free to contact us for more information and understanding, using the email address below.

Keith Hartrick

Keith is an editor at Because

1Psalm 103, verse 12
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