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Rapper Kanye West’s announcement to run for President was at least one step down from saying he is a god. But from a man who ‘walked on water’ at one of his recent Sunday religious services, I wasn’t surprised to hear his response on this weekend’s Joe Rogan Podcast to the question, what made you decide to run for President?

“I believe my calling is to be the leader of the free world”, declared the rapper come pastor. I watched Kanye, sporting a lilac hoodie, and saw his sincerity – this man really believes that’s where God wants him to be and do. So I wondered about this question.

If God had a calling for us, what would God want us to be or do?

Kanye is not the only person who I’ve heard say the words, “God has called me to…”. From the sensible to the sublime, I’ve been told many times what God wants such-and-such to be and do. Often, I’m not convinced. I don’t want to knock people’s faith, but I do wonder whether evoking the authority of a divine calling is a mask for externalising a personal inner desire; if you wrap it up in a divine veneer then who can tell you otherwise. But let’s say God does have a calling for us, I wonder what it would be?

Kanye’s recently released presidential campaign ad had in it something that may hint at an answer. In fact, listening to the words of West backed by music from Hans Zimmer made my incredulity melt a little. “We as a people are called to a greater purpose than ourselves”, preached West, continuing “…we should be servants to each other. To encourage each other, to help each other, lift up each other”. Could this be what we are called to be and do? What God expects of us?

This kind of speech reminds me of another man’s searching for what God expects of us. Writing in poetry a long time ago, this preacher come prophet perceived something about what humans are to be and do: “And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God”.[1]

We have dreams and ambitions, and sometimes we may even express those in the language of a divine ‘calling.’ But maybe we can all say that if God did have a calling for us – to be or do something – it may look a lot like loving mercy, acting justly, and walking humbly.

Richard Fowler info@because.uk.com

Richard is editorial assistant at Because

[1] The Bible, Micah 6:8
Picture by NRK P3 at https://www.flickr.com/photos/nrk-p3/6030998084/in/photostream/
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