Take care as you go

July 16, 2021 · Print This Article


Use freedom for good.

That seems to be the message for our nations as we come cautiously out of Covid’s lockdown. Let’s think of others more than ourselves and be careful out there!

Freedom can be a dangerous thing, especially when it’s used as a pretext to harm others. Does freedom of speech mean we should attack others verbally just because we don’t like them or they’re different from us in some way? We celebrate liberation, but should we abuse others as we were once abused, or regard people who don’t hold to our views as being inferior to us?

A Christian called Paul proclaimed that following Jesus was in fact embracing the cause of freedom. Embrace it wholeheartedly, he said, but don’t use it as a licence just to do what we want while ignoring the needs of others.

It seems good advice for today.

Love freedom and love others.

Use freedom for good.

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