Positive contact

November 13, 2020

“As you have been identified as a contact of someone who has recently tested positive for COVID-19, you are under a legal obligation to self-isolate from now until…”. As soon as the text arrived my mind start rushing through all the things I should have done to prepare for potentially spending the next two weeks at home.

People who have near death experiences often say a similar thing. As their life flashes before them they think of all the things they haven’t done but wanted to do. All the things they should have done but never got around to.

Is this the fate that awaits us all? That at the end of our lives we are to be judged for all our mistakes and all our regrets?

The Christian message is one of hope. It tells us that we have all tested positive for grace and that if we turn to Jesus, he will both redeem our mistakes and turn our regrets into joy.

For hope, turn to Jesus.

Gavin Henderson info@because.uk.com

Keep Connected

May 1, 2020

Since being in lockdown we’ve had to do things differently. Events like One world: Together at home and The Big Night In brought music and comedy direct from the artists’ homes into ours. Keeping in touch with family and friends has meant many of us having crash courses on Skype and Zoom. For faith groups, holding meetings and maintaining contact has also presented a challenge.

Yet with these challenges comes an opportunity to be connected in all sorts of different ways. Last week I attended church services in Luton, Market Harborough and Llanelli and was in touch with friends and family in Northern Ireland, Hampshire and across London via Zoom and all without leaving home. None of which would have happened in this way without this lockdown.

As one member of a recently set up WhatsApp group commented, ‘it’s a pity we didn’t have this earlier; it keeps everyone connected.’ It often takes a crisis to bring forward new ways of doing things and technology has provided an opportunity for us to follow Jesus’ command to love one another (John 13:34-35) in a fresh way.

The challenge will be to keep connected once this crisis is over – I guess that will be down to you and me.

Barry Robinson info@because.uk.com

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