Love is in the air

January 9, 2020








It seems like we’ve only just put the Christmas decorations away and – whoah! – here comes Valentine’s Day.

Love is in the air everywhere you look (especially if you look in the shops). But have you ever wondered where love comes from?

I’m a Christian and my belief is that it comes from God. After all, God says of himself that he is love. In the Christian Bible, we can read a radical statement that takes this thought further: “We love because He first loved us”1. In other words, we are only able to love because God invented this thing called love.

You might ask, if God first loved us, when did this happen? The answer is, before you existed, before the world began, before matter and time were created. Yes that’s right, even before there was a you, God loved you. When there was nothing and no-one else, you were in his heart.

What all of this means is that not only is there no love without God but without God loving us, we would not be able to love others.

Does that mean, then, that God is to blame for Valentine’s Day? Certainly not – He has far too much taste for that!

Peter Mill

Peter editor-in-chief at Because

11 John 4:19 (NIVUK)