Positive contact

November 13, 2020

“As you have been identified as a contact of someone who has recently tested positive for COVID-19, you are under a legal obligation to self-isolate from now until…”. As soon as the text arrived my mind start rushing through all the things I should have done to prepare for potentially spending the next two weeks at home.

People who have near death experiences often say a similar thing. As their life flashes before them they think of all the things they haven’t done but wanted to do. All the things they should have done but never got around to.

Is this the fate that awaits us all? That at the end of our lives we are to be judged for all our mistakes and all our regrets?

The Christian message is one of hope. It tells us that we have all tested positive for grace and that if we turn to Jesus, he will both redeem our mistakes and turn our regrets into joy.

For hope, turn to Jesus.

Gavin Henderson info@because.uk.com

The Good Judge

August 4, 2017

Grand juries, judges and justice have featured in the news recently. From the convening of a grand jury to investigate the allegations of Russian interference in the US elections to the idea that one day computers may replace judges to demands for fairer systems of justice.

Being judged officially frightens most of us. Will we be found out in some way? Will there be a miscarriage of justice?

God is viewed often as the great judge at the end of time, the one that calls us all to a day of reckoning. His throne is thought of as a throne of judgment and condemnation.

There’s a beautiful scripture in the Christian Bible that paints a different picture. It’s found in Hebrews 4:16, where we read that God’s throne is a “throne of grace” from which God decrees help and mercy for us in time of need.

Quite something, isn’t it? God, the great judge, desires to give all of us grace through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Don’t be afraid of God.

Approach his throne and accept his grace.









The Supreme Court of Grace

November 4, 2016

id-55661437-sharad-raval-dreamstime-comThis week the UK High Court ruled against the government. It was to say that the government cannot trigger “Brexit” without the consent of parliament. Now the government is appealing against the ruling to the Supreme Court for a final judgment.

Many countries use the services of a Supreme Court, and the idea links clearly to traditional Christianity in which God is portrayed often as the one who exercises the final judgment on humanity. For many this is cause for fear, especially because God is regarded as stern and unsmiling, more ready to condemn than to forgive.

Such an image of God’s Supreme Court goes against the biblical principle of grace. A beautiful passage in the book of Hebrews describes what happens at God’s throne:  “Let us then approach  God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need” (4:16 NIVUK).

Did you note the wording? There’s no mention of anger or condemnation.

God’s Supreme Court is about mercy and grace for us in our time of need.