Life-changing summer

July 27, 2020

When was your life-changing summer?

We can all remember that holiday, music festival or summer camp that did something to us that meant our life, or our perspective on life, was changed enough to mean we would not be the same person. It might have been that friend we met, that moment when we did something we never thought we could, or being smitten by that raw awe-inspiring beauty of water and landscape merging with a sunset backdrop.

For me, I was fortunate to have many of those summer experiences. My parents needing a break from me and my siblings sent us off to summer camp each year. And it changed my life over and over again. And still does in my adult life as I volunteer on the camp’s staff.

Your life-changing summer may have been that summer camp experience too? For me summer camps have been the best American export – a week or two of adventure, awkward hellos, adrenaline-fuelled challenges, and life-long friends. These were the magic ingredients that made my summers a jab of motivation and self-discovery.

So have you thought about passing this gift of challenge and change onto your son or daughter, or that young person you know?

Of course, this summer is a washout for most of us. For me, it would have been this weekend that started another one of those character-stretching summer camps. But Covid had other ideas! So that chance to do something different will have to wait until next year. But I wanted to share with you the kind of experiences I’ve had over the years, and maybe if you like the look of them, you too might think about giving yourself a break from the kids next summer and give them that life-changing summer.

Here is the Instagram, Facebook page (with tons of fun pics and videos) and website of the summer camp that has changed my life for the better in so many ways.

Richard Fowler

Richard is editorial assistant at Because

The unlikely volunteer

March 27, 2020

Where would we be without our health workers, carers and all those who assist in the current crisis? Let’s continue to thank them and to rally around them.

Also, to thank the army of volunteers who have come forward at our time of need. Let’s not underestimate their contribution.

In a few weeks Christians remember an unexpected volunteer. One that came out of the blue. Someone that many people thought was distant, and too high and mighty to be concerned deeply about us. But they were wrong. I’m talking about God, who sent his Son to save us.

Jesus, God’s Son, volunteered to comfort us and to provide a life for us beyond this one. Of his own volition he chose to die in our stead, and, in so doing, gave us hope not only for this life, but also for a future beyond the grave.

He still volunteers to help us today. Not even death could stop him. He rose from the dead so he could continue to serve each and every one of us.

Thank God for volunteers.

James Henderson

Love banishes fear

February 21, 2020

Fear can make us do terrible things.

I was filled with sadness this week when I read about how a bus containing evacuees from coronavirus-hit China was attacked in Ukraine. This was not a rational response, but as this crisis escalates the rational arguments are rapidly giving ground to emotional ones.

For many of us, our great fear is death itself. The end of life. Interestingly one of the hallmarks of the Christian faith for the last two thousand years has been its followers’ willingness to die for their faith. To give their lives for others no matter the cost.

At the root of this is the Christian belief that death is not the end. Through Jesus Christ, Christians believe that even in the darkest of circumstances there is always hope. Because of God’s love for us, there is life after death.

Love, not death, has the final word.
Gavin Henderson

Gavin is an editor at Because


Because Magazine January / February 2020

December 16, 2019

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Because Magazine January / February 2020

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Because Magazine January / February 2020

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Manifesto of hope

November 22, 2019

A ‘manifesto of hope’ is how one of the political parties in the UK described their intended policies if they get elected to government.

One of the Christian claims is that a new kind of government is coming, one which will have Jesus Christ as the head. If you want to know more about his aims and policies (and what he has done about them), they have been recorded in the gospel accounts of the Bible.

Unlike many political parties in the world today, Jesus did not just promise change, he also gives us the power to make meaningful change in our life.

Turn to Jesus and find hope.

Gavin Henderson

Gavin is an editor at Because

Remember, remember

November 8, 2019

On Tuesday, bonfires and fireworks displays up and down the country celebrated the failed attempt, in 1605, to blow up the Houses of Parliament. An event that would have changed the course of British history.

Another tradition of remembrance will take place this weekend, when on Remembrance Sunday many will gather to honour the countless men and women who died in wartime defending our freedom.

Perhaps you could also spare a thought for the individual who – his followers believe – made the biggest sacrifice of all. Jesus Christ gave his life with no thought for himself, so that one day there may be no more wars or acts of wanton destruction, no more tears, or suffering or death.

Remember Jesus. He never forgets you.

Peter Mill

Peter is editor-in-chief at Because

Photo by Jingda Chen on Unsplash


Hope for our future

October 18, 2019

Would Jesus be part of the Extinction Rebellion?

For a start, he was a rebel. He objected to the hypocrisy of religious leaders, so much so that eventually they killed him to keep him quiet.

In addition, he defied the idea of extinction. He said he came to bring abundant life and to reverse our trend towards destroying not only ourselves but also everything else. “I am the Resurrection”, he explained, meaning that he was the hope for all our futures. And, putting his words into action, Jesus rose from the dead after he was crucified for our sake.

Jesus rebelled against our extinction.

Turn to him and live.

James Henderson




September 6, 2019

This week the last remnants of civility between the rival political factions in the UK parliament seemed to be lost. Parliamentary privilege means that MPs are free to say whatever they want during parliamentary procedure without fear of prosecution for slander. Yet the toxic language and personal attacks does not help and only serves to exacerbate the existing divisions.

It’s easy to open our mouths in anger. Our words are powerful, as a biblical writer noted, ‘The tongue has the power of life and death.’[1] One saying I was taught when I was young was, ‘Think before you speak’. Regretfully it is not one that I have always followed, but I have found that it pays dividends when applied. If we pause to think before speaking, we can ask ourselves if what we are going to say is:

 T – true?

H – helpful?

I – inspiring?

N – necessary?

K – kind?

I’ve found through experience that if it does not meet these criteria it is often better left unsaid. Perhaps if we pause to t.h.i.n.k. when we are angry our words can heal wounds instead of inflicting them.

Barry Robinson

[1] The Bible: Proverbs 18:21 (NIV translation)




Because Magazine July/August 2019

June 28, 2019

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Because Magazine July/August 2019

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Because July/August 2019

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Back from the Dead

June 14, 2019

One news headline that grabbed my attention this week was ‘The snail that came back from the dead’. On further investigation, It turned out to be fake news – this wasn’t a tale of mollusc resurrection at all. It was the story of a rare species, the Bermuda land snail, that was thought to have gone extinct 40 years ago, but has now been found still alive and is being rescued from the brink of extinction by a successful breeding programme carried out by Chester Zoo.

The Bermuda land snail is one of a number of ‘Lazarus species’, named after the bible story where Jesus brought his dead friend Lazarus back to life. Later, after his own brutal death by crucifixion, the bible tells us Jesus himself was raised from the dead, this time to eternal life. Is this just a myth, as some say, or is resurrection for real, as millions of Christians believe? And if so, what does that mean for all of us?

Jesus answers those questions with a profound statement, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even if they die”.1

That could possibly be the boldest claim anyone has ever made. Is it worth looking into? You can bet your life on it.

All the very best

Peter Mill

  1. John 11:25 (NIRV)

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