Positive contact

November 13, 2020

“As you have been identified as a contact of someone who has recently tested positive for COVID-19, you are under a legal obligation to self-isolate from now until…”. As soon as the text arrived my mind start rushing through all the things I should have done to prepare for potentially spending the next two weeks at home.

People who have near death experiences often say a similar thing. As their life flashes before them they think of all the things they haven’t done but wanted to do. All the things they should have done but never got around to.

Is this the fate that awaits us all? That at the end of our lives we are to be judged for all our mistakes and all our regrets?

The Christian message is one of hope. It tells us that we have all tested positive for grace and that if we turn to Jesus, he will both redeem our mistakes and turn our regrets into joy.

For hope, turn to Jesus.

Gavin Henderson info@because.uk.com


October 11, 2019

It’s been another week of last-ditch talks, bitter recriminations, heated protests and acrimonious falling outs. And once again, the British government was blamed for failing to come up with an acceptable deal.

More Brexit woes? No. I’m talking about that other European crisis, the liquidation of Thomas Cook.

Just as the final flights of Operation Matterhorn brought home the last of the 150,000 stranded passengers, out of the blue came a rescue for the 2,500 redundant staff.

Sunderland based Hays Travel pledged to save all 555 Thomas Cook shops and give the staff their jobs back. And so, in one fell swoop, tears of sadness turned to tears of joy – a heartwarming good news story.

An old English word for good news is gospel, but nowadays that word is associated with a particular kind of good news. Out of the blue, a man called Jesus entered the world with an offer to save much more than shops and jobs, nothing less than the lives of every man, woman and child who ever have and ever will live.

I sincerely hope John Hays keeps his word, just like Jesus did.

Peter Mill info@because.uk.com

Peter is editor-in-chief at Because

Pending Deadline

August 23, 2019

First it was cold calls and now a flood of media adverts telling us the deadline on 29 August to claim because of the PPI scandal. The various leading institutions have set aside billions over the years to cover the compensation for their mis-selling.  It is a sad story of greed by sellers and misinformation given to customers who were not aware they were paying for something they neither asked for nor needed.

Is Christianity just another scandal? Is there any need for church beyond hatch, match and dispatch?

In a world run by money, it is easy to see the church as just another institution trying to make a profit, yet if you speak to Christians the reason we want people to know about Jesus Christ isn’t financial, but personal. Jesus has changed our lives for the better and given us hope in a world that often seems hopeless.

Unlike with PPI there is no pending deadline for you to call on your local church and experience the benefits it may bring.

David Gibbs info@because.uk.com